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Jim Butcher: Dresdon Files Reading Order and Review

21 Jan

You have to love the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher don’t you? The Jim Butcher series is technically sci-fi, maybe because the leading character is male? My husband and I watched the show on TV, and he told me it was originally a comic book that he read years ago. That’s how I found the […]

Sheryl J. Anderson: Molly Forrester Series Reading Order and Review

17 Jan

The Molly Forrester series is one of those light and fun mystery series, easy to read, cute character. I personally enjoy a book that I read in about a week. Molly of course has the hots for the brooding detective on the case, and the magazine she woks for just has all kinds of issues! […]

Toni Andrews: Mercy Hollings Series Reading Order and Review

16 Jan

Toni Andrews Mercy Hollings series is paranormal “light” but a good read of learning to love and accept who you are! Mercy Hollings is struggling with her true abilities, relationship (even friends) and where she came from. Enjoyed book one and two- easy reads, good story. I thought the last book was a bit convoluted, […]