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Anya Bast Dark Magick Book 1 Review

28 Feb

I recently read the first in a 4 part series by Anya Bast, the “Dark Magick” series. My sister plowed through her “Elemental Witch” series, so when I saw this, I thought I’d give it a try. The first book, Wicked Enchantment, was difficult for me to get into and enjoy. ThisĀ  book is considered […]

Casey Daniels: Pepper Martin Series Reading Order and Review

27 Feb

My sister stumbled upon the Pepper Martin series at Half Price Books and I love it. Another lighthearted series, that is mystery with a paranormal twist. Pepper Martin works at the cemetery, and after a fall where she hits her head…she sees dead people! No, really, ghosts! Pepper Martin begrudgingly becomes “the detective to ghosts” […]

Anya Bast Dark Magick Series Reading Order and Review

26 Feb

Do you like science fiction fantasy? Witches, dark and light, and fae? Intense love? Then the Anya Bast Dark Magick series is for you! I personally think the sex in this series is BETTER than 50 Shades (ok for some of you that means you won’t read it, but us true paranormal romance fans always […]