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Paranormal Romance Series New Release: Carrie Vaughn Kitty Series

29 Mar

OMG! I LOVE this paranormal romance series, as I have said already right? First I LOVE empowered, bad-ass women, and Kitty is all that and a slice of bread! This week the newest in this paranormal romance series was released, the eleventh Kitty Norville novel, “Kitty Rocks the House”   Here is the authors description: […]

Casey Daniels Pepper Martin Wild Wild Death Book Review

28 Mar

Yes, I have been reading the Casey Daniels Pepper Martin Wild Wild Death,   book 8 of the series recently! This series I highly recommend when you love light, fun, mysteries with a paranormal twist. I just finished the 8th book, Wild Wild Death while sitting on my deck in the sun (don’t be jealous – […]

Monday Book Series Mystery: Who is this?

25 Mar

This is a gorgeous graphic! Who are they?

Elemental Assassin Book 8: Urban Fantasy Series New Release

22 Mar

I just started reading the Elemental Assassin series, and I am already intrigued! (The book one review coming soon, I promise….I am reading it now, about 150 pages into the first one…liking it!))Funny thing? With all the reading my sister and I do, we both found some of the books in the series at the […]

Casey Daniels Pepper Martin Book 7 Review

21 Mar

Many of you know from the Casey Daniels Series Reading Order post I wrote, that Book 6, “A Tomb with A View” was not my favorite. I am very happy though that I did not give up and read book 7 of Casey Daniels Pepper Martin series: “A Hard Day’s Fright” (kindle version). For me, […]

Christina Dodd Darkness Chosen Series Order and Review

20 Mar

oh, man, oh man, the Christina Dodd Darkness Chosen series. Oh man, on man! This is a DO NOT MISS BUT YOU BETTER TAKE TIME OFF BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO STOP ONCE YOU START SERIES! 🙂 These books will make you swoon 😀 and cry :*( and swoon and cry for all […]

Monday Book Series Mystery: Who is this?

18 Mar

I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo- I’m in my mid forties, don’t have ANY! Don’t know I’d go for a sleeve, but I do have a pretty crazy idea! Do you know this character and series?

Chloe Neill Chicagoland Vampire: Paranormal Romance Series New Release

15 Mar

I am always looking for “new” (I use that word loosely, new to me, doesn’t mean new to someone else, true??), and the Chloe Neill Chicagoland Vampire series has been on my radar. With the new release of book 7 House Rules: A Chicagoland Vampires Novel this might be one to check out! First, I love […]

Madelyn Alt Bewitching Mysteries Series Book 7 Review

14 Mar

The Madelyn Alt Bewitching Mysteries is one of my favorites, and I was happy to read the 7th book in the series, Home for a Spell (kindle edition). I tend to be a reader that jumps around a TON through the series we are reading (if you read my about page, you understand what I […]

Mary Janice Davidson Mermaid (Fred) Series Reading Order and Review

13 Mar

I read the Mary Janice Davidson Mermaid (Fred) series after finding the “Undead” series with Betsy the vampire. If you love witty, funny paranormal romance novels than Mary Janice Davidson is an author for you to read! In this series, Fred – not a striking blond bombshell by any means, loves her volunteer job at […]