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Paranormal Romance Series New Release: Victoria Laurie

10 May

I love Abby the Psychic Eye! And book twelve, Deadly Forecast of this paranormal romance series is scheduled to release via hardcover July 2, 2013. What a great one to grab and one use day delivery (love that with Amazon Prime) for the holiday! (OK, I know that might not be realistic, but a girl […]

L.A. Banks Crimson Moon Series Reading Order

8 May

My sister is a HUGE fan of the Vampire Huntress series, so when I stumbled upon the L.A. Banks Crimson Moon series book one I picked it up. Some how, it always happens when I find a book, she does too! So I have books one and two, she has three. I am currently reading […]

Monday Mystery Paranormal Romance Series: Who is this?

6 May

This Monday Mystery paranormal romance series is actually mystery and also comedy- I chuckle when I read these books, and who doesn’t love a good chuckle on occasion? Do you know who this is?   “The postcards from Jack.” When Quinn didn’t object, I lifted each bag and the postcards in them. Four postcards, four […]

Mary Janice Davidson Undead and Unstable: Paranormal Romance Series

3 May

The paperback version in the Mary Janice Davidson Undead and Unstable releases May 28th! I am a big Mary Janice Davidson fan, and especially a Betsy, Queen of the Vampires fan. Mary Janice Davidson has this light, funny writing style, and Betsy’s personality is so worth it! She is so sarcastic you cannot help but […]

L.A. Banks Crimson Moon Book Review: Bad Blood

2 May

I started the L.A. Banks Crimson Moon series just a couple weeks ago. My sister is a huge fan of the Vampire Huntress series (I have read books 1 and 2 in that series, but I struggle with them…other than how long they are, I am not 100% sure why, so when I read book […]

Carrie Vaughn Kitty Norville Series Reading Order

1 May

Welcome to the Carrie Vaughn Kitty Norville Series! I LOVE this series, plow through the books, cannot say enough about them! Maybe becasue this was my first urban fantasy series where the werewolf is the main character (too often they are a side-note in a vampire novel), but also a place where the paranorm is […]