I remember when I was young my sister and I would walk to the library together. My sister was determined to read EVERY book in the library. I have always loved books, and the library was an amazing thing! The first series I recall reading, that I could not WAIT for the next book, was The Green Mile Serial Novels by Stephan King (yes, young adult fiction!) As adult women, our dad turned us onto Anita Blake – she’s a bad-ass! And it just kept growing from there.

Fast forward to adulthood, we now live about 13 hours drive time apart, but our love for reading series continued.ย  We desired to SHARE the novels with each other, so we have created an ELABORATE, actually it’s pretty cool, excel spreadsheet detailing who has what, who read what, and books series we are looking for. We actually MAIL boxes of books to each other! I am always online searching for series reading orders. I love the community of people what read series and love the characters. I love worlds different than mine. I love seeing women step into the personal power and owning who they are. I love love, romance, falling in love- LOVE! Oh, ok and I love LOVE some good hot sexy sex on occasion too! My hope would be that everyone loves to read this much, and even more, has a cool sister like I do.

My passion for series books really comes from the fact that I’d fall in love with the characters and then the book was over…and I wanted more! Series satisfy that urge, don’t they? I feel a part ofย  their lives. Weird huh? (Well if you read series you know what I’m talking about!) Yeah it’s a guilty pleasure ๐Ÿ™‚

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