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Casey Daniels Pepper Martin Book 9 review

4 Apr

I recently finished book 9, Supernatural Born Killers of the Casey Daniels Pepper Martin series, currently the last of the  series order….. and I am suspecting the last of the series. Boo! I know,all good things come to an end, isn’t that what they say? (Geez…I hope not, cause I REALLY love my husband….) Pepper […]

Casey Daniels Pepper Martin Wild Wild Death Book Review

28 Mar

Yes, I have been reading the Casey Daniels Pepper Martin Wild Wild Death,   book 8 of the series recently! This series I highly recommend when you love light, fun, mysteries with a paranormal twist. I just finished the 8th book, Wild Wild Death while sitting on my deck in the sun (don’t be jealous – […]

Casey Daniels Pepper Martin Book 7 Review

21 Mar

Many of you know from the Casey Daniels Series Reading Order post I wrote, that Book 6, “A Tomb with A View” was not my favorite. I am very happy though that I did not give up and read book 7 of Casey Daniels Pepper Martin series: “A Hard Day’s Fright” (kindle version). For me, […]

Casey Daniels: Pepper Martin Series Reading Order and Review

27 Feb

My sister stumbled upon the Pepper Martin series at Half Price Books and I love it. Another lighthearted series, that is mystery with a paranormal twist. Pepper Martin works at the cemetery, and after a fall where she hits her head…she sees dead people! No, really, ghosts! Pepper Martin begrudgingly becomes “the detective to ghosts” […]