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Jennifer Estep Elemental Assassin Book 2 Review: Web of Lies

25 Apr

The Jennifer Estep Elemental Assassin series has readily become one of my favorites! Book two, Web of Lies, was honestly, for me even better than book one. (Ok, I know, I have only read books one and two…but I am ready for book three! But my sister has it, so I need to send these […]

Jennifer Estep Elemental Assassin Series: Spiders Bite Book 1 Review

11 Apr

Oh YEAH! Jennifer Estep Elemental Assassin Series, Book one, “Spiders Bite”, is a delight!  I devoured this first book! Gin Blanco, aka The Spider is an assassin, in small town southern America (what is it with death, murder and paranormal activity in the south? No…really…have you ever noticed how many books are written there?!) . […]

Jennifer Estep Elemental Assassin Series Order

3 Apr

The Elemental Assassin series is new on my reading list, funny thing, is my sister and I stumbled upon different books in the Elemental Assassin (I just like typing that word….childish huh? giggles) series, at about the same time. I plowed through the first book and am reading the second now (no, really, I am […]

Elemental Assassin Book 8: Urban Fantasy Series New Release

22 Mar

I just started reading the Elemental Assassin series, and I am already intrigued! (The book one review coming soon, I promise….I am reading it now, about 150 pages into the first one…liking it!))Funny thing? With all the reading my sister and I do, we both found some of the books in the series at the […]