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Monday Mystery Paranormal Romance Series: Who is this?

6 May

This Monday Mystery paranormal romance series is actually mystery and also comedy- I chuckle when I read these books, and who doesn’t love a good chuckle on occasion? Do you know who this is?   “The postcards from Jack.” When Quinn didn’t object, I lifted each bag and the postcards in them. Four postcards, four […]

Monday Mystery: Mystery Series, Do You Know Who?

29 Apr

This Monday Mystery excerpt is from one of a series of books I have enjoyed reading. A little mystery, a little intrigue, and just the right amount of sexual romance (yeah, not sex, just foreplay…lol.) Do you know? “Here, lie back down again. That’s right,” he said soothingly as I reclined back in his arms […]

Monday Urban Fantasy Mystery: Which book is this from?

22 Apr

This Urban Fantasy book is full of mystery, sex and deception! Do you know which Urban Fantasy author and book it is from?   “Sasha… We can see each other in the shadows by the silver in our auras. That’s also like a protective shield. The stronger it is the more protected one is from […]

Paranormal Romance Monday Mystery: Do you know?

15 Apr

Paranormal Romance from one of the BEST romance authors out there! Are you a paranormal romance fan? Bet this gets you wanting to read! The excerpt: The wolf looked different somehow.   She squeezed her eyes shut. She opened them again.   I’m allergic to something. The new car smell … Jasha’s soap … I […]

Paranormal Romance Monday Mystery: Which book is this?

8 Apr

ok, switching  up the paranormal romance Monday mystery this week, this is a excerpt from a book, do you know which one? Quoted from a paranormal romance book: Aislinn was still shaking a little bit when they arrived back at the Rose Tower. Still shaking even though they’d spent the whole morning at the dress […]

Urban Fantasy: Women who Kill Monday Mystery

1 Apr

Urban Fantasy mystery picture of the week! Who is this knife yielding woman…she even sleeps with them under her pillow. Are you and Urban Fantasy fan?

Monday Book Series Mystery: Who is this?

25 Mar

This is a gorgeous graphic! Who are they?

Monday Book Series Mystery: Who is this?

18 Mar

I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo- I’m in my mid forties, don’t have ANY! Don’t know I’d go for a sleeve, but I do have a pretty crazy idea! Do you know this character and series?

Monday Book Series Mystery: Who is this?

11 Mar

Yes, I admit it, I LOVE vampires (if you read paranormal romance, you must right?) Do you know who this super sexy, dark brooding vampire is?

Monday Book Series Mystery: Who is this?

4 Mar

Do you know who this amazing woman is? She’s sassy, savvy, funny as hell, her best friends are a hoot, and she’s married to one hot vampire!