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Kalayna Price Alex Craft Series Order

17 Jul

The Kalayna Price Alex Craft Series called to me in my weekly Amazon “Deals for Ann” newsletter. My plan was to buy one…but the buy 3 get the 4th free deal was on! So the books came in the mail! I mean this alone (from the back of book one) grabs you doesn’t it? As […]

Katie MacAlister Aisling Grey Series Reading Order

3 Jul

The Katie MacAlister Aisling Grey Series is one of my favorites! Light hearted, full of sexy dragons, and funny as hell! (Yes, this is one of those laugh-out-loud book series!) This is one of those series where you find yourself thinking: “this could be a movie! Who could play…” and deciding which actors and actresses […]

Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson Series Reading Order

26 Jun

This is the Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson Series Reading Order. My sister sent me the first 5 in this series back in January 2012 with this post-it on it: And here I am FINALLY starting it…lol. Funny thing is I have book 6…I bet she’d love for me to get these read and send her […]

Terry Garey Nicki Styx Series Reading Order

19 Jun

This is the Terry Garey Nicki Styx series reading order! I LOVE that my sister sent me these books with this post-it on the top… Right-? She knows I like cute (don’t get me wrong, I like dark and disturbed too, but I can only take so much!) I waited to read it after reading […]

Jocelynn Drake Dark Days Series Reading Order

5 Jun

This is the Jocelynn Drake Dark Days Series Reading Order. This book series is different in many cool ways. First of all it takes place all over the world, which, in my book, is cool 🙂 Second, the first heavy sex scene….not until BOOK TWO. WHAT? Yes, huh-uh, I said it. (And it ISN’T with […]

L.A. Banks Crimson Moon Series Reading Order

8 May

My sister is a HUGE fan of the Vampire Huntress series, so when I stumbled upon the L.A. Banks Crimson Moon series book one I picked it up. Some how, it always happens when I find a book, she does too! So I have books one and two, she has three. I am currently reading […]

Carrie Vaughn Kitty Norville Series Reading Order

1 May

Welcome to the Carrie Vaughn Kitty Norville Series! I LOVE this series, plow through the books, cannot say enough about them! Maybe becasue this was my first urban fantasy series where the werewolf is the main character (too often they are a side-note in a vampire novel), but also a place where the paranorm is […]

Yasmine Galenorn Otherworld Series Reading Order Urban Fantasy

24 Apr

The Yasmine Galenorn Otherworld Series reading order is here! (don’t cha feel like trumpets just sounded? no…uh…ok ;)) is another LOVE of mine- maybe because it’s about sisters, and I happen to adore my sister! BUT you also have to LOVE the publisher description of the series: Meet the D’Artigo Sisters–three half human, half-Fae, wild […]

Jennifer Estep Elemental Assassin Series Order

3 Apr

The Elemental Assassin series is new on my reading list, funny thing, is my sister and I stumbled upon different books in the Elemental Assassin (I just like typing that word….childish huh? giggles) series, at about the same time. I plowed through the first book and am reading the second now (no, really, I am […]

Christina Dodd Darkness Chosen Series Order and Review

20 Mar

oh, man, oh man, the Christina Dodd Darkness Chosen series. Oh man, on man! This is a DO NOT MISS BUT YOU BETTER TAKE TIME OFF BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO STOP ONCE YOU START SERIES! 🙂 These books will make you swoon 😀 and cry :*( and swoon and cry for all […]