Erin McCarthy Vegas Vampires Series Reading Order

10 Jul

The Erin McCarthy Vegas Vampires Series is a cute, light hearted, make you laugh series. Erin has a wit and humor about her that I enjoy in this series. In addition, she knows ROMANCE! (C’on what woman doesn’t like some heart pounding romance!) Alexis has become the target (is that the right word? lol) for vampire politician Ethan’s life partner…wait vampires don’t have life partners, do they? Taking place in “Sin City” the adventures weave through the 4 book series, providing new love and romance though Alexis and Ethans friends and family.

Each book brings the fun of Las Vegas, the complexity of relationships and choices in love. Of course humor…many giggles as you read this series.

I enjoy a vampire series like this. Sometimes the dark…scary…blood ridden ones overwhelm me. Why can’t the life of a vampire be humorous?

The Erin McCarthy Vegas Vampires Series reading order is:

Book 1:

Book 2:

Book 3:

Book 4:

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