Jocelynn Drake Dark Days DayHunter Book 2 Review

20 Jun

Jocelynn Drake Dark Days DayHunter is book two in the series, and I am glad I decided to read it right after the first!  In the first book, Nightwalker, I didn’t feel like I got to know Mira, and this one I felt this glimmer of her, and all her ancient wisdom and pain she has left behind. I realized reading this book, that maybe Jocelynn wanted me as the reader to feel a bit of disconnection from Mira, as she is disconnected herself.

In Day hunter, Mira starts to come alive and make choices that show who she is, in her soul. Yes, in this series nightwalkers, also known as vampires still have a soul,  she has a powerful conversation about discrimination and religion with Danaus in a church in Venice in this book! And she, for the first time in centuries as a vampire takes on family- a BIG deal in the nightwalker world.

Unfortunately, it meant that I done the one thing I thought I’d never do – I had started a family. Tristan was mine for as long as I claimed him. He was mine to guide and protect. In my domain of Savannah, I was the keeper, but that meant I preserved the peace and protected our secret. No nightwalker belonged to me or based his or her daily decisions on my wants and desires. Knox and Amanda acted as my assistants, but they were free to leave Savannah and pursue their own lives at any time. Tristan could not. And I could not leave without Tristan.

And although we do not yet know all of her past, her family, and how she was created, and where her unique powers fully come from, we can feel the pain she carries:
For the first time since I’ve become a nightwalker, the darkness felt like a physical weight pressing on my shoulders, rather than the soothing presence it it always been, Dark violent memories of fear and hatred lurked behind every tree. My mother’s death, the men I killed – all ghosts waiting for a moment of weakness before they would strike. With my fists clenched at my side, I struggled to stay focused on the task that loomed before me and the potential adversary beside me.


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