Jocelynn Drake Dark Days Nightwalker Book 1 Review

6 Jun

Jocelynn Drake Dark Days Nightwalker, the first book in the Dark Days series was an interesting one for me. (Now those of you that ready blog, you know I often struggle through the first book of a new author. I am not sure why, I think it’s just getting into the new rhythm, the new heartbeat of the author and characters). I decided to read this book becasue my sister pulled a fast one on me and sent book 1 and 2, knowing I had book 3. (See….she just wants me to send book 3 without reading it first, no no! I am reading that sucker- surprise! 🙂 ) I struggled until the LAST 20 pages…then I was hooked! lolol….no really, thought I was going to give up, but I am reading book 2 now!

Jocelynn Drake Dark Days Nightwalker is a vampire novel- she calls them nightwalkers. And Mira, a centuries old nightwalker is living in Savannah, enjoying her life…until a hunter arrives,Danaus…but not to kill her. He actually needs her help, to save the world.

This story unfolds in a matter of days, and the complexity of the story, the characters and the life of a nightwalker unfolds:

My eyes felt closed, holding back the tears that started together. I have failed him. Jabari had always been able to depend on me for any request, no matter the task. He had given me so much, and I failed him. And now he was going to destroy me just like any other nightwalker who failed to live up to his expectations. A part of me welcomed it, an escape from the pain, but a faint brush of Danaus power quickly reminded me why we have traveled to Egypt; the naturi. If Jabari destroyed me, no one would be a will to protect my home, my people. It was enough that I have failed Jabari, and I wouldn’t fail all those who would come to rely on me.

Yes, I recommend the Jocelynn Drake Dark Days Nightwalker book. It is worldly, complex and makes you want to pick up book 2!