Jocelynn Drake Dawnbreaker Review

4 Jul

Jocelynn Drake Dawnbreaker is the third book in the Dark Days series.  I plowed through these first three books (ok, maybe I had an ulterior motive…I have planned to send book three to my sister, but SURPRISE a box showed up with book one and book two in it! Evil sister…lol….so of course I needed to read them and send book three to her!!)

Interestingly, Jocelynn gets me. I am NOT a fan of 500, 600, 700… or more page novels. REALLY? WHY? I feel accomplished when I finish a book. I always say the author could have made it two or three books. To me, that is exactly what she did. This series so far is about a WEEK in the story timeline. It’s done in three books (and still more to read). Thank you Jocelynn!

Jocelynn Drake Dawnbreaker is so far my favorite of the three. In this book, we learn about the complexity of races, loyalty, betrayal, and commitment.

“You think I’m going to help the naturi?” I demanded, releasing Cynnia’s chain. “After all the naturi that I have killed, after everything that I’ve survived at their hands, you think I would turn on my people? That I would turn on you?”


Danaus reacted before I could. The hunter grabbed Barrett by the color of the shirt and slammed the man into the stainless steel refrigerator, hitting it hard enough to dent the front. “She’s going to die in Peru for you in two nights,” he snarled in a frightening low voice. “She’s going to die for your worthless hide. She’s going to die for every worthless vampire and werewolf that walks the earth because she sees it as her duty. Mira’s willing to do whatever it takes to protect her people, even if it means enduring the presence of the naturi. What are you willing to do for your people?”

We are let into Mira’s powers even more, and the complexity of who she REALLY is…might be. And we see her, even though a nightwalker, become more “human”.

Bloody tears streaked down my face, but I couldn’t bring myself to watch them away. Rage and old feelings of complete helplessness boiled up inside of me, leaving me clenching my shaking fists at my sides. I hated myself for losing my composure and fun of Danaus. I hated him for seeing me in this moment of weakness when I needed to always be strong in front of him, in front of all the others who looked to me for some kind of direction in this moving disaster.


Read this series. Jocelynn Drake Dawnbreaker




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