L.A. Banks Crimson Moon Bite the Bullet is Sexy Saturday!

22 Jun

L.A. Banks Crimson Moon Bite the Bullet made sexy Saturday this week! Woot! This is so HOT to me, forbidden love, so forbidden, can’t have it- it might kill you… I could have pulled more from the book, but without EXPLAINING it would have sounded weird (like he has an STD and Max Hunter does not!!)


Compelled, he crossed the small space that separated them and cradled her cheek; she turned into the caress and kissed his palm deeply as she released a soft moan. Unable to resist, he pulled her into a tight embrace, her body burning against his. Her mouth rained hot kisses on his neck and shoulder, her pelvis mating his as his hands tries traversed her back.

“I want to kiss you so badly,” she gasped against his neck. “My body’s on fire.”

He help the sides of her head for a moment, his fingers thrust deeply into her lush thicket of dark hair, and stared into her eyes. He bit his lip not to take her mouth and plunder it, but the agony shimmering in her eyes made it hard not to do so.


Have you read the L.A. Banks Crimson Moon Bite the Bullet?



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