Patricia Briggs Moon Called is Sexy Saturday!

6 Jul

Patricia Briggs Moon Called is Sexy Saturday this week! (Yeah, I know, there hasn’t been one in two weeks, crazy thing….I’m reading books with no sex, love interest, love triangles, love…sex…NONE! CRAZY!) This book, which I am also in the process of reviewing for next week has a hot little excerpt right at the end 😀

Sometimes sexy is just the tension newly rising…remember that feeling? (Married 16 years we are passionate…but it’s just not like that 😉 ) LOVE you baby.

He walked me to my front porch and cupped his hands around my face. He stood there for a moment, then glanced over his shoulder and up at the moon, which was nearly full. When he turned back, his eyes had yellow streaks running through the brown.

His lips were soft as they feathered over mine tentatively until I leaned against the pressure of his hands, trying to get closer. Then he laughed, a low, chest – deep sound, and really kissed me.

With my broken arm strapped between us, there was nobody language involved, just mouth and hands. He wore cologne. Something rich and subtle that blended with his exotics sent.

When he drew away from me, I left my hand on his cheek, enjoying the faint scratchiness of his beard and the pounding of my heart. Silence group between us, silence and something tentative and new.

YUMMY! Thanks Patricia Briggs Moon Called for the start of what I think is going to be a great love triangle in the future books!



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