Patricia Briggs Moon Called Review

11 Jul

Patricia Briggs Moon Called is the first in the Mercy Thompson series, my sister read these WAY before me and when she sent this book, this sticker was on the top:


Ok sis, I FINALLY got to it and I get it! Mercy Thompson in Patricia Briggs Moon Called  is a mechanic, and a walker. Skinwalker that is-coyote. She lives in the Tri-Cities area of Washington state. And knows a ton about werewolves…because in many ways she was raised by them. The complexity of that story unfolds in this first book. She is wise when it comes to werewolves, and opinionated too:

A lone wolf is a male who either declines to join a pack or cannot find a pack who will take him in. The females, I might add, are not allowed that option. Werewolves have not yet joined the 20th century, let alone the 21st, as far as women are concerned. It’s a good thing I’m not a werewolf – or maybe it is a pity. Someone needs to wake them up.

Besides the complexity of the paranorm world  that is slowly unfolding to create the series, there is a love triangle developing as well.  Mercy’s childhood sweetheart is back in town, and he believes she is her mate. And the local pack leader, Adam seems to have an attraction too…

For me, one of the best things about this book is how Patricia Briggs writes about the werewolves. She has this cool ability to bring the ANIMAL out…

The van dipped again as he jumped down, landing almost on top of me. I could smell his anger – the sour smell of his fear had faded all away with his humanity, leaving only the wolf. Hot breath moved my fur as he sniffed his way upward, his nose parting my hair as he went. Slowly the anger faded along with the intensity that had allowed me to know what he was feeling.

I tilted my head and risk a glance. Samuel filled the space between the short bench seat and the sliding door. Caught beneath him, one front paw on either side of my shoulders, I felt a sudden claustrophobia and instinctively tried to roll over.

I stopped the movement as soon as it began, but Samuel lunged forward with a warning growl and a snap of teeth in my face. I tried to take comfort from the growl, since theoretically, if he was growling he wasn’t likely to kill me – but I was too aware of the whole volatile nature of the werewolves.

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