Victoria Laurie What a Ghoul Wants Book Review

27 Jun

Victoria Laurie What a Ghoul Wants is currently the last in the Victoria Laurie Ghost Hunter Series 🙁 I happen to love this series becasue it is laugh out loud funny (MJ and her best friend Gilley are hil-ar-ious!) and a wee bit scarey too! It is good old fashioned scary with just enough romance and friendship.

In the  seventh book of the series, Victoria Laurie What a Ghoul Wants starts out on a British Airways plane…on the ground…already unloaded except for Gilley…

I rolled my eyes and made a face at Gopher, who had just appeared at the top of the jetway. “Gopher just had to tell Gilly all about the ghost that haunts Kidwellah Castle.”

I told you not to let them sit next to each other,”  Heath reminded me.

I shook my head inside. “It’s not like I could’ve done anything to stop Gil from sitting next to Gopher once our oh-so-helpful producer announced he had a 2 pound bag of M&Ms for the flight.”

Heath smirked. “How many of those 2 pounds do you think went into gill?”

“At least one and a half, which of course gave Gil a really good sugar high and he soaked up everything Gopher had to tell him about Kidwellah and the haunted Moors.”

Humor right off the bat- and this part is even funnier as you read! Then there is scary…

Stumbling forward with an in voluntary squeak, I let go of the handle to catch myself on the wall. Behind me I heard John cry out with a fright and I straightened up and looked back at him, but he was staring past me, into the room toward the bed.

My eyes darted to the bed, and there, floating just above it, was the figure of the Grim Widow, pale white, dressed in rags with her wild eyes and or even wilder hair. She sneered at me in the most malevolent way before hissing like an angry cat and flying toward me as she meant to grab me up.

These ghost hunters don’t mess around!

Have you read Victoria Laurie What a Ghoul Wants?



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